Wire coatings use case

As sensor networks are integrated into everything from industrial controls to automobiles, odors attributed to specific wire coatings can be an early warning sign to potential failures. Digital olfaction provides real-time indicators for different wire coatings when heated above their normal operating temperatures.

Cooking Automation Study

Smart home appliances are evolving quickly to incorporate new technology that not only improves performance but also maximizes usability. Digital olfaction can enhance cooking appliances by adding automation features based on odor analysis.

Evaluating Vanillin Suppliers

Food and beverage companies need a fast, objective way to classify vanillin suppliers as the supply chain becomes more complex for this popular flavor. Digital olfaction delivers odor analysis for different sources of vanillin and subtle differences between suppliers.

Discriminating Coffee Products

As coffee consumers become more discerning, coffee producers are looking for ways to better characterize and control product characteristics. Digital olfaction provides fast, objective classification of products to enhance quality control metrics.