Introducing NeOse Advance & Aryballe Suite: The Future of Digital Olfaction

Sam Guilaumé, Aryballe CEO

Since I joined Aryballe as CEO in 2017, I have had the privilege of witnessing the growth of our company and the continued development of digital olfaction technology. At Aryballe, we are in the unique position to enable organizations to drive better business decisions by removing subjectivity from the decision-making process. Our technology can transform the way entire industries use odor data to unlock new insights and build customer loyalty.

Amidst the tumultuous economic environment of the past year, global businesses have recognized the value of innovation to create new offerings, enhance existing products and stand out from the pack. That’s why today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of the most significant advancements in digital olfaction to-date, NeOse Advance and Aryballe Suite.

NeOse Advance is the first product based on Aryballe’s silicon photonics-based platform. It expands the applications of digital olfaction across a range of new markets, such as food manufacturing, personal care and home care.

Aryballe Suite is our first cloud-enabled software offering that customers can use to intuitively access and customize analysis of odors based on their unique needs. With Aryballe Suite, technical and non-technical users can accelerate R&D projects, ensure product consistency, and provide optimal customer experiences.

These new product offerings represent the culmination of over seven years of intensive research and development at Aryballe and they enable customers to leverage odor data more reliably and consistently than ever before. The launch of NeOse Advance and Aryballe Suite also signal a new phase for our company as we pivot from focusing on R&D to prioritize widespread delivery to customers across industries.

As more businesses look for ways to compete and thrive in the digital economy, we could not be more excited to enable new customers to harness the power of odor data through this next generation of digital olfaction technology. NeOse Advance and Aryballe Suite will be widely available to customers beginning in June. To learn more about the new product offerings, please visit