Digital olfaction delivers consistent, objective odor data that mimics the human perception of smell—enabling companies in several industries to transform intangible odor information into business assets that strengthen product offerings and consumer experiences.


From automotive material olfactive standards to fleet maintenance to rideshare customer satisfaction—digital olfaction provides the automotive and mobility industry the capability to digitally capture odor information to complement their existing standards and processes.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Digital olfaction enables rapid screening of R&D formulation candidates, reducing the reliance on human panels for early-phase evaluation. This digital fingerprint can then be carried throughout the manufacturing process—from raw ingredient evaluation, to process optimization and final product quality.

Food & Beverage

Aryballe’s products help food and beverage manufacturers integrate odor data into their digital transformation and sustainability initiatives. Either by assisting with objective data for R&D projects or helping supply chain and quality teams document ingredient and product characteristics, digital olfaction is changing the shape of how these organizations use olfactive information.


Companies across numerous industries are using digital olfaction to solve for a range of challenges and opportunities. If you would like more information on how we can help with your specific industry challenges, please contact us.