Digital olfaction provides consistency in the definition and use of smell, enabling companies in a number of industries to leverage the power of odor data to strengthen product offerings and consumer experiences.


The automotive industry is going through a massive shift, both in the vehicle mechanics and consumer behavior. Digital olfaction helps improve the consumer experience from predictive maintenance sensors to detecting cabin odors.

Consumer Appliances

As large home appliances offer more, smarter features, digital olfaction provides a new sensor platform to improve the consumer experience–from storage to cooking practices.

Food & Beverage

Controlling raw material and end product quality is a primary concern for food and beverage manufacturers. Digital olfaction provides portable, objective odor analysis throughout the manufacturing process–from R&D through production.

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Improving product efficacy and quality is a continual challenge in hygiene products. Digital olfaction offers fast, objective characterization of both raw materials and end products for personal care and cosmetic companies.


Companies across numerous industries are using digital olfaction to solve for a range of challenges and opportunities. If you would like more information on how we can help with your specific industry challenges, please contact us.