Digital Olfaction for Odor Sensing

Digital olfaction involves both a sensor – acting as the nose or receptor for odor molecules – and associated software which interprets information from the sensor based on a database of previously collected and analyzed odors. Aryballe’s technology provides a more universal approach to capturing…

The Top Trends in Consumer Appliances You Should Know About

Earlier this year, we saw Amazon launch its newest Alexa-compatible device, the Smart Oven. But this isn’t your typical smart appliance. In fact, it’s not just a conventional oven, but also an air fryer, microwave, and food warmer all in one. Amazon isn’t the first to...

Top Three Applications of Digital Olfaction in Mobility

Today, we’re taking that one step further and sharing the three top applications of digital olfaction in the automotive industry. User comfort : You’ve most likely gotten into an Uber or Lyft at some point and been confronted by an unpleasant smell…

Readying Odor Data for Reproduction Using Machine Learning

Look up the word “odor” in a dictionary, and you’ll find one definition to be, “a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one.” But in our world of digital olfaction, odor is much more complex. Scientifically speaking, odor consists of one or more volatilized...

Wire coatings use case

As sensor networks are integrated into everything from industrial controls to automobiles, odors attributed to specific wire coatings can be an early warning sign to potential failures. Digital olfaction provides real-time indicators for different wire coatings when heated above their normal operating temperatures.

Mobility Today: Top Market Trends & Where Digital Olfaction Fits In

The automotive and mobility market is going through a tremendous shift right now with the rise of connected, autonomous, shared and electrified technologies. This shift has not only impacted the products available to the market, but consumer behaviors as well.

Unveiling Aryballe’s New Identity As We Look to the Future

You might have noticed things look a little different around here. But the new look you see today is more than a new brand. It’s part of our continued commitment to our customers, and an opportunity to put a stake in the ground on the future of digital olfactionWhy...

Cooking Automation Study

Smart home appliances are evolving quickly to incorporate new technology that not only improves performance but also maximizes usability. Digital olfaction can enhance cooking appliances by adding automation features based on odor analysis.

Evaluating Vanillin Suppliers

Food and beverage companies need a fast, objective way to classify vanillin suppliers as the supply chain becomes more complex for this popular flavor. Digital olfaction delivers odor analysis for different sources of vanillin and subtle differences between suppliers.