Developing Norms and Standards for Digital Olfaction

We’ve seen rise of various digital olfaction devices, which aim to digitize and reproduce smells. Aryballe’s own digital olfaction device combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell. But we have a broader vision for our devices

Stay-at-home orders could benefit smart appliance adoption

Digital olfaction can not only increase user adoption of home appliance, but can also reduce food waste and improve food safety. See how cooking automation and food storage monitoring can improve the smart appliance offering.

How is COVID-19 Impacting New Technology Projects

COVID-19 has created an economic situation different from any previous crisis. The collective trauma of this global pandemic on our population has disrupted our economy, and is likely shifting many consumer and market trends going forward. A question remains, what...

How Machine Learning in Digital Olfaction Works

In a recent blog post, we discussed what has to happen before machine learning in digital olfaction takes place. Today, we’ll outline how machine learning, which is what we do at Aryballe, actually works in digital olfaction. Notably, we run models on the data acquired during the learning phase to deliver odor analysis

Digital Olfaction for Odor Sensing

Digital olfaction involves both a sensor – acting as the nose or receptor for odor molecules – and associated software which interprets information from the sensor based on a database of previously collected and analyzed odors. Aryballe’s technology provides a more universal approach to capturing…

Making the Case for Smart Home Appliances

From smart alarm clocks that trigger your coffee pot to start, to refrigerators that notify you when it’s time to buy more milk, to thermostats you control with your phone – the fact is, there are countless use cases for the connected home that promise more convenience and an easier way of life…

The Top Trends in Consumer Appliances You Should Know About

Earlier this year, we saw Amazon launch its newest Alexa-compatible device, the Smart Oven. But this isn’t your typical smart appliance. In fact, it’s not just a conventional oven, but also an air fryer, microwave, and food warmer all in one. Amazon isn’t the first to...

Top Three Applications of Digital Olfaction in Mobility

Today, we’re taking that one step further and sharing the three top applications of digital olfaction in the automotive industry. User comfort : You’ve most likely gotten into an Uber or Lyft at some point and been confronted by an unpleasant smell…