Manufacturers of personal care and cosmetics are looking for innovations that allow them to better measure product efficacy and quality. Digital olfaction allows them to have a compact, objective and cost-effective solution for raw material and product characterization.


Reduce Cost
of Quality

  • Assess the smell stability at each phase of production, including validation of finished product quality
  • Ensure odor defects are not transferred from packaging materials to products
  • Monitor the drift in time of the fragrance in formulas

Secure raw
material quality

  • Verify the quality of raw materials compared to the perfume house’s database of scent references
  • Provide objective olfaction data comparisons between suppliers

Product R&D

  • Reduce development time by using olfaction data to characterize new formulations
  • Provide objective data outside of traditional smell panels


Limonene versus Limonene Oxide

Limonene is a highly common scent ingredient and solvent naturally occurring in the rind of citrus fruit. This colorless liquid is often used for its light, fresh and sweet citrus odor in household and personal care products. In some cases, it is also used for its penetration-enhancing effects for skin care.
However, when limonene oxidizes not only can the odor turn rancid—it can go from beneficial to skin irritant. So careful quality control over this ingredient can mean the difference between sellable product and costly recalls.


The use of Human Panels for Odor Analysis

The use of Human Panels for Odor Analysis

Odors are complicated and deciding what is “OK” or “Not OK” and what “ideal” is differs across regions and cultures. Although it’s often easy to standardize the evaluation of tactile and visual attributes of a product, odor evaluation remains difficult to standardize.

Improving Cost of Quality with digital olfaction

Improving Cost of Quality with digital olfaction

Manufacturing operations are focused on minimizing Cost of Quality (COQ) as it can account for significant portion of their controllable costs. Much of the business intelligence and analytic solutions in this area have focused on process optimization and preventative...

Developing Norms and Standards for Digital Olfaction

Developing Norms and Standards for Digital Olfaction

We’ve seen rise of various digital olfaction devices, which aim to digitize and reproduce smells. Aryballe’s own digital olfaction device combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell. But we have a broader vision for our devices

How is COVID-19 Impacting New Technology Projects

How is COVID-19 Impacting New Technology Projects

COVID-19 has created an economic situation different from any previous crisis. The collective trauma of this global pandemic on our population has disrupted our economy, and is likely shifting many consumer and market trends going forward. A question remains, what...


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