Aryballe’s software and data solutions provide meaningful insights from consistent, objective odor information.


Aryballe Suite is a cloud-enabled software that allows for the capture, annotation and analysis of odors based on a user’s unique needs. With Aryballe Suite, technical and non-technical users can harness the power of odor data and unlock new insights to accelerate R&D projects, ensure product consistency, and provide optimal customer experiences.


This new module provides R&D, quality and manufacturing with quick answers to simple comparisons of samples to a reference. The two modes—teaching and questioning—allow for parameters to be defined for a specific product or use case that can then be used during real-time analysis by other teams. The Answers Module offers:

  • Repeatable, fast pass/fail answers​
  • Customized parameters and thresholds for defining in/out results
  • Easy-to-set and recall reference records


Easy-to-use, automated protocols to reduce learning curve
Access a set of standard protocols based on key use cases in food, flavor and fragrances and customize parameters for your unique application.
Remotely visualize and track experiments in real-time
Stable platform allows for a “set it and forget it” approach to building odor libraries with multiple cycles and runs.
Centralized cloud-database for easier data accessibility
Analyze data captured by one or multiple NeOse Advance devices across and organization—from anywhere, at any time.
Compare odor characteristics with intuitive software tools
Analyze odor data with out-of-the-box reports that include odor signatures, PCA, distance matrix and clustering quality scores.


Using AI to compensate for water and humidity

In many use cases, water is a major component of the odor sample due to water vapor in the environment. By using the software analytics component of digital olfaction, the solution takes into account the odor impact of water and isolates the “dry” odor from it. The figure to the right demonstrates how the scent of lemon would appear digitally—both in its raw diluted form in water and also with advanced humidity analysis (“Dried” Lemon Beverage).


If you would like more information about our digital olfaction technology and how it can help your organization, please contact us.