From Odor of the Year to an Innovation Grant, 2021 Smelled Sweet for Aryballe

Digital olfaction influencing business decisions

Grenoble, France (January 31, 2022) — The human sense of smell is closely tied to our memories, perceptions, and decision-making process. Over the course of 2021, Aryballe, the pioneer in digital olfaction, made significant strides in advancing awareness for and elevating the importance of digital olfaction in mainstream business operations. The company gained customers in five markets across three regions with the launch of its NeOse Advance and Aryballe Suite. It also filed 10 new patents and grew its team.

Consumer packaged goods, car interiors, perfumes, and nearly every product people come into contact with on a daily basis have an odor associated with them. Through a unique approach to mimicking the human sense of smell with its patented technology, Aryballe enables companies to unlock the power of scent to differentiate their products and gain an advantage in the marketplace.

Digital olfaction can turn data into valuable insights. It can detect when car maintenance is needed, engineer the ideal new car smell, ensure odor consistency in products. And it does so without the inherent subjectivity that comes with the use of human scent panels. It enables businesses to test more odor combinations and at a faster rate than a human panel, which in turn leads to faster innovation.

Early in 2021, Aryballe was awarded a grant for 1.1M from Plan de Relance as part of the Resilience/Industry project for France. In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Relaunch provided grants to support the most innovative companies in the region. Aryballe devoted the funding to the development of its industrial high-volume production of miniaturized, universal, low-cost odor sensors.

In Q2 of 2021, Aryballe launched the NeOse Advance, its first CE certified product and the most significant advancement from the company in digital olfaction to-date. NeOse Advance is the first product based on Aryballe’s silicon photonics-based platform. It detects, records and recognizes data more reliably and consistently than other eNose solutions on the market. NeOse Advance enables customers to leverage digital olfaction technology across more applications and markets, such as personal care, home care, and food manufacturing.

In Q3, the company appointed a new Chairman of the Board, Pierre Chauvineau. Chauvineau joins Aryballe to provide assistance and guidance as the company transitions into a period of mass production and widespread adoption of its digital olfaction sensors.

Aryballe also tapped into consumer interest in smell and conducted two social surveys. The first, asked participants to define the odor of 2020. Responses ranged from baked goods and cleaning products, to dumpster fire. The overwhelming majority crowned hand sanitizer as the 2020 Odor of the Year. The team also conducted a rideshare survey to demonstrate the impact odor has on customer satisfaction and experience.

“This was a big year for Aryballe,” said Sam Guilaumé, Aryballe CEO. “We saw traction and interest in our technology in the food & beverage, fragrance, CPG, and automotive industries. As the global demand for digital olfaction continues to grow, we’re excited for the opportunity to accelerate production and break into new markets in the coming year.”