Aryballe Unveils Unified Digital Olfaction Product Based on Silicon Photonics Technology

NeOse Advance & Aryballe Suite of software solutions enable customers to harness the power of odor with greater reliability, scalability and accessibility

Grenoble, France (May 17, 2021) Aryballe, the pioneer in digital olfaction, today announced the launch of its most significant advancement in digital olfaction to-date, NeOse Advance and Aryballe Suite. NeOse Advance is the first product based on Aryballe’s silicon photonics-based platform. It detects, records and recognizes data more reliably and consistently than other eNose solutions on the market. NeOse Advance enables customers to leverage digital olfaction technology across more applications and markets, such as personal care, home care, and food manufacturing.

In conjunction with NeOse Advance, Aryballe announced the launch of Aryballe Suite, the company’s first cloud-enabled software offering that customers can use to intuitively access and customize analysis of odors based on their unique needs. With Aryballe Suite, technical and non-technical users can harness the power of odor data and unlock new insights to accelerate R&D projects, ensure product consistency, and provide optimal customer experiences.

“As global businesses look for new ways to compete and thrive in the digital economy, the adoption of digital olfaction comes to the forefront as an innovative approach to gain a competitive advantage,” said Sam Guilaumé, Aryballe CEO. “Aryballe’s shift from a R&D focus to one of widespread delivery of advanced digital olfaction products coincides with the market’s readiness for our solutions. With NeOse Advance and the Aryballe Suite, organizations can confidently leverage reliable, objective odor data across an expanded range of applications.”

“The Taste and Scent industry is based on providing consumer-preferred, consistent aroma experiences. Measuring and understanding product performance and quality is essential,” said Dr. Greg Yep, Chief Research & Development, Global Integrated Solutions and Sustainability Officer at IFF.

Nicolas Mirzayantz, Group President, Scent at IFF added, “Through our partnership with Aryballe, our innovation team is establishing a consistent, objective way to collect and analyze odor data to drive a deeper understanding of consumer benefits, product attributes, performance, and quality. We look forward to tapping into the new features of NeOse Advance and Aryballe Suite to develop these applications and to expand the future of digital olfaction.”

NeOse Advance and Aryballe Suite will be available to customers in June 2021. To learn more, visit

About Aryballe

Based in Grenoble, France and founded in 2014, Aryballe combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell. The company’s premier product offering, NeOse Advance, uses silicon photonics technology to detect, record and recognize odor data, which powers improved decision making for R&D, quality control, manufacturing and end-user experiences. Aryballe Suite, the company’s cloud-enabled software, enables customers to intuitively access and customize analysis of odors based on their unique needs. With operations in France, South Korea and the USA, Aryballe works with global leaders in automotive, consumer appliances, food manufacturing and flavor & fragrances.