Aryballe’s Latest Tech Innovations in Software

By Liz Facteau

Kirill Arkhipov is a seasoned Aryballe veteran. He has been with the company for nearly five years and has made an indelible mark in that stretch of time. Kirill has been integral to many of Aryballe’s product developments over the years and has worked his way from an R&D engineer position to his current role as Global Product Manager of Software & Dataware. We recently sat down with him to discuss his experience at Aryballe, what excites him most about our technology, and market trends. Read on to learn more about Kirill!


Can you tell us a little more about your career path and how you transitioned into your current role as a product manager at Aryballe?

I was initially drawn to Aryballe because of its reputation as a true pioneer startup in a niche market. Digital olfaction was not an entirely new concept at the time, but there was a lot of room for innovation, education, and growth in the industry. I have a background in material science and engineering, and the application potential for the technology was very interesting to me.

I joined the company as an R&D engineer and then moved into a customer-facing position as a field application engineer. A year and a half ago I took on my current role as a product manager. In my current position, I love that there are problems and challenges to solve every day, and that I get to work with amazing colleagues. I always say it was the technology that first drew me to Aryballe, but the team is what has made me want to stay.


What are your responsibilities as Global Product Manager of Software & Dataware?

As a global product manager, I help guide Aryballe’s software development team in the creation of new products and the enhancement of existing products based on customer feedback and market demands. I work closely with account managers to identify product needs while collaborating with the marketing team to define Aryballe’s go-to-market strategy.

I’m proud to say I’ve had a hand in the development of some key products, including Aryballe’s Answers Module, the development and honing of our olfactory library project, and, most recently, Aryballe’s Advanced Analytics toolset, the first module in our Digital Olfaction Hub.


What drove your team to develop the Digital Olfaction Hub?

When Aryballe was founded in 2014, our developers purposely built the Aryballe Suite as a simplistic tool for data gathering that best met our customers’ needs at that time. But, in today’s data-driven world, data is power. It was clear that our product had to evolve with the times. Our customers needed an advanced tool that enables them to quickly understand and access the odor data available to them through Aryballe so they can use that data to make better business decisions.

Aryballe’s Advanced Analytics toolset was a product of necessity. Built to support and provide remote access to data acquired using the Aryballe NeOse Advance and Amplifier, it is available in the cloud and is the first product in the global Aryballe Digital Olfaction Hub. The Advanced Analytics toolset gives our customers access to higher-level metrics and improved sensor data analysis.


What excites you most about Aryballe’s technology?

The digital olfaction industry is unique. There is still so much room for development and innovation, providing us with the great opportunity to define digital olfaction and the business applications for it. Developing the technology that best mimics the human sense of smell is a scientific and engineering challenge, and something that has never been done before.

There is a lot of emotion and history tied to odor. In fact, our sense of smell is the only sense that has a direct link to memory and emotion. As one of the first to tackle this challenge, the pressure is on to get it right. We’re developing technology that imitates a sense that is extremely subjective and, up until now, could not be measured. As a result, Aryballe’s product is complex and combines many tech stacks within it. I find great beauty and excitement in this complexity.

And we are up for the challenge.

We’ve come a long way with Aryballe’s technology over the years, and have more exciting product updates in store for 2023!