Aryballe launches New Cloud-Based Digital Olfaction Hub

New online offering provides access to deeper analysis and libraries of odor data

Grenoble, France (January 10, 2023) — Aryballe, the pioneer in digital olfaction, today introduced a new cloud-based software, the Digital Olfaction Hub, that enables faster, simpler odor analysis. Available now, the latest addition to Aryballe’s suite of olfaction solutions suite enables access to olfaction data across teams with a more robust set of analysis tools.

The Digital Olfaction Hub is the extension of the Advanced Analytics toolset launched in mid-2022. This solution expands the previous software with advanced collaboration tools, dynamic data selection and access to information on chemical and odor spaces.

“With the introduction of the Digital Olfaction Hub, we’re enabling our customers to manipulate their digital odor data to better understand their use cases and make better decisions,” said Kirill Arkhipov, Global Product Manager for Software and Dataware at Aryballe. “We’re very excited to bring these tools to our customers and help them truly unlock the power of their odor data for their teams.”

The introduction of this new software solution comes as Aryballe continues to grow and establish new use cases in industries from flavor and fragrance to automotive and consumer packaged goods to healthcare. In 2022, Aryballe hosted the first Digital Olfaction Summit where leaders across industries discussed the role of olfaction in digital transformation.


The Aryballe Digital Olfaction Hub is available now and is offered with a free trial to all new and existing customers. To learn more, visit


About Aryballe

Based in Grenoble, France and founded in 2014, Aryballe combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell. The company’s premier product offering, NeOse Advance, uses silicon photonics technology to detect, record and recognize odor data, which powers improved decision making for R&D, quality control, manufacturing and end-user experiences. Aryballe Suite, the company’s cloud-enabled software, enables customers to intuitively access and customize analysis of odors based on their unique needs. With operations in France, South Korea and the USA, Aryballe works with global leaders in automotive, food manufacturing and flavor & fragrances.


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