Don’t Miss Aryballe’s Inaugural Digital Olfaction Summit - October 12, 2022

By Terri Jordan

The first ever Digital Olfaction Summit is shifting to a virtual format! Join us on October 12

The power of scent is taking center stage this fall. The Aryballe team is thrilled to announce that the first ever Digital Olfaction Summit will be held October 12, 2022. This half-day virtual event will bring together global thought leaders in the food, fragrance, and automotive markets to discuss the impact digital olfaction and other emerging sense-based technologies have on innovation and digital transformation initiatives for businesses across industries.

Odor, while subjective on a person-to-person basis, has a strong influence on consumer behavior and perception of quality. Mirroring the intricacies of the human sense of smell, Aryballe’s digital olfaction technology mimics the process by which our brains identify and differentiate between odors. An increasing number of organizations are leveraging the power of smell by integrating digital olfaction technology into their research and development, quality control, and manufacturing operations to efficiently and effectively collect, measure and identify odor data to make smarter business decisions.

At Aryballe’s Digital Olfaction Summit, guests will have the opportunity to attend:

  • A keynote presentation from Ayballe CEO, Sam Guilaumé, who will share his vision on how an odor’s digital fingerprint can shape the future of business.
  • Guest speaker sessions featuring real-life scenarios detailing how digital olfaction technology can be used to drive rapid growth in digital transformation. Attendees will hear from:
  • A panel discussion hosted by Daniel Whitenack, co-host of the Practical AI podcast, the media sponsor of the event, on business integration of advanced, AI-driven insights to enable organizational transformation.


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