Aryballe Streamlines Odor Analysis with New Digital Olfaction Hardware and Software

New products will enable simpler use of digital olfaction across organizations

Grenoble, France (January 12, 2022) — Aryballe, the pioneer in digital olfaction, today introduced new hardware and software products that enable faster, simpler odor analysis. Available in Q1 2022, the latest additions to Aryballe’s solution suite will significantly improve user experience and reduce the need for operation by trained specialists.

Digital olfaction has come to the forefront as a new requirement for competing in the digital economy. Companies are now relying on digital olfaction to differentiate their offerings and operations, while ensuring the consistency of product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

The Aryballe Answers Module, a new software for quality control applications engineered to support the Aryballe NeOse Advance, enables users to set customizable parameters for odor analysis. It offers repeatable, fast pass/fail answers for odor comparison. Users can load reference odor samples from an existing database or perform direct comparisons on the spot. This simplified pass/fail analysis eliminates the need for a highly-trained analytical expert, enabling broader deployment across manufacturing, supply chain and other quality control applications.

Aryballe is expanding the usability of the NeOse Advance with the introduction of the Core Sensor Gen 1.5. The new Core Sensor streamlines the maintenance and odor analysis process and eliminates the need for specialized tools and technical training. Sensors can easily be replaced by users of any skill level in just one minute, compared to 15 minutes in the previous iteration, leading to less downtime and, in turn, faster and more frequent data collection.

“With the introduction of the Core Sensor Gen 1.5 and the Aryballe Answers Module, Aryballe is democratizing the power of digital olfaction. It empowers companies to perform faster, simpler odor analysis that drive impactful business decisions,” said Sam Guillaume, CEO, Aryballe. “In past iterations of digital olfaction technology, highly-trained analytical experts were needed to operate devices and interpret the analysis. Simple-to-replace core sensors and customizable pass/fail analysis make our technology and expertise more accessible to a wide variety of manufacturing, supply chain, and quality control end-users and enable customers to improve their quality control processes.”

The introduction of these new software and hardware products come as Aryballe continues to grow and establish new use cases in industries from flavor and fragrance to automotive and consumer packaged goods. In 2021, Aryballe introduced the NeOse Advance device, its first product based on silicon photonics that captures consistent odor data with improved reliability and stability.

The Aryballe Answers Module software will be available January 31, 2022 and Core Sensors will begin shipping March 31. Aryballe will showcase the Answers Module software during its upcoming webinar on January 19, 2022. To register and learn more, visit