What’s that smell? For better or worse, it’s 2020

Weigh in on the 2020 Aryballe Odor of the Year Survey By Aryballe
For many us, smells are intrinsically connected to memories. From the scent of freshly mowed grass that reminds us of summertime to the smell of gingerbread that evokes memories of the holidays, our sense of smell shapes how we reflect on events in our lives.

Unfortunately, 2020 was a year filled with memories—including a new array of smells—that some of us would simply like to forget. While we probably won’t say goodbye to the lingering aroma of hand sanitizer for quite some time, 2020 has introduced us to a diverse range of odors that we wouldn’t have expected to encounter otherwise. Sourdough starter, anyone?

This year, at Aryballe, we are paying homage to the unique smells that have entered our lives over the past year by announcing the first ever Aryballe Odor of the Year. Just as Pantone announces their own Color of the Year, we are taking one last stroll down memory lane to identify the smell that is most associated with the roller coaster of a year that was 2020 (for better or worse).

Over the next few weeks, we will conduct an online poll to identify the most iconic odor of 2020. You can participate in the survey here until January 1, 2021 and share it on social media using #2020AryballeOdorofTheYear.

Stay tuned for when we debut the 2020 Aryballe Odor of the Year in early January!