Developing Norms and Standards for Digital Olfaction

By Johanna Decorps & Etienne Bultel
We’ve seen rise of various digital olfaction devices, which aim to digitize and reproduce smells. Aryballe’s own digital olfaction device combines biochemistry, advanced optics and machine learning to mimic the human sense of smell.

But we have a broader vision for our devices, and we are building a platform for our customers and partners to solve meaningful industry problems through odor data. In doing so, we are also working to solve the challenge of how to define and classify individual odors, especially in the face of little to no existing standards.

The following outlines our work in bringing norms and standards to the digital scent market, and how we aim to overcome some of the primary obstacles currently facing the advancement of digital olfaction.

Learn more about digital olfaction and our approach to standardization in the Developing Norms and Standards for Digital Olfaction whitepaper.