Client Spotlight: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF)

By Fanny Turlure

For those who were able to attend Aryballe’s Digital Olfaction Summit this past fall, you may have caught International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF)’s Jack Bikker’s presentation on his company’s work with Aryballe. Jack is a director of performance insights at the company, where he builds predictive modeling and cheminformatics capabilities to support IFF’s ingredient R&D – a process in which scent and fragrance has become a key component of.

For our second blog in our client spotlight series, we’re highlighting Aryballe’s work with IFF and how they leverage our digital olfaction technology for their fragrance and flavor research.

So, let’s dive in!


What is IFF?

IFF’s true origins began over 130 years ago when its parent companies (Polak and Schwarz) first established a concentrated fruit juice company in 1889, and has since evolved into the IFF we know today: a global company that produces flavors, fragrances, and cosmetic ingredients for products. Their mission is to find the most innovative solutions to help bring “better for you” products to market through their research.


When did IFF begin working with Aryballe?

Aryballe and IFF first partnered in 2019 with the goal of refining and further developing the flavor and fragrance capabilities and applications of Aryballe’s technology in portable, universal odor-detection sensors.

On one hand, IFF was looking to leverage Aryballe for quality control for both flavors and fragrances, and to better understand the aroma of foods in order to be able to identify factors such as spoilage and help inform formula and recipe creation. On the other hand, IFF planned to work with Aryballe to enhance their platform for different applications in the food, fragrance and cosmetics industries, among others. And the rest is history!


Aryballe at work

Since 2019, IFF has used Aryballe’s fast, low-cost and portable odor sensing technology for numerous applications and R&D. Here are some examples:

New Fragrance Delivery Technologies. One of IFF’s recent R&D projects involved developing more sustainable and long-lasting fragrances in laundry fabric conditioners. Using Aryballe’s NeOse Advance product, IFF can more accurately measure the performance of these new test formulations, indicated by low or high fragrance leakage. From there, based on which samples had the lowest scent leakage, IFF can quickly determine which new formulations were the best performers, enabling them to create an enhanced, more sustainable and long-lasting scent experience​ for customers.

New Malodor Control Technologies. IFF has also been able to leverage Aryballe’s digital olfaction technology in its R&D projects around malodor reduction and elimination in novel materials, specifically measuring the ability of novel materials to reduce malodors over time. Aryballe’s technology provides accurate and reproducible malodor measurements at usable concentrations, providing important data and insights for manufacturers to ensure end-users are not met with any unwanted odors in their products.

New Flavor Delivery Systems. Lastly, IFF is looking to improve some of their flavor delivery systems, such as those for baked goods. With Aryballe, IFF can test the stability and intensity of different flavors, such as “butter” or “strawberry,” as they withstand the mixing and shearing​ process, water activity/moist conditions and the high temperatures of baking. This enables them to conduct enhanced testing through all these disruptive conditions to deliver a more poignant and consistent flavor experience.


To learn more about Aryballe’s work with IFF, visit to access Jack’s recorded presentation.