Aryballe’s Top Holiday Scents of 2022

Hot cocoa, gingerbread, pine trees. What time of year do you associate with these scents? The holiday season, of course. And why is that? Because your sense of smell is one of the strongest triggers linked to emotions and memory. Simply thinking about fresh-cut evergreen or freshly baked sugar cookies can bring back fond holiday memories.

We recently shared a poll on Twitter asking you all to vote on your favorite holiday scents and the results did not disappoint! While the warm spices of mulled wine didn’t strike a chord with survey respondents, the smells of crackling fireplaces and notes of sweet molasses in gingerbread cookies resonated with people and tied to a close second. Not surprisingly, fresh cut pine topped the charts as the favorite holiday scent and we can’t agree more.

The rich, distinctive scent and woodsy aroma is an essential part of many people’s holiday traditions. Whether it’s shopping for a Christmas tree at the holiday market or attending a local tree lighting celebration, this scent permeates the senses year after year.

As 2022 comes to a close, our team here at Aryballe wanted to extend our season’s greetings and thank you all for a great, successful year. Stay connected with us on Twitter and Linkedin for the latest company news and updates! Happy New Year!