Aryballe’s software and data solutions provide meaningful insights from consistent, objective odor information.


Once the odor signatures are detected, software then interprets those signatures based on a database of previously collected and analyzed odors. If you think of the sensor as our nose, then the software is the brain and database universes are our memory bank. And just like our brains rely on memories to correlate individual smells to life experiences and learnings and classifies the odor accordingly, our software relies on our data universes to recognize the odors presented to the device.


Detection of odors
Capture of odor signals emitted by samples in the software platform as odor signatures. With olfactory measurements, compounds of interest can have varied level of dilution—and the sensor can have a varied level of sensitivity, or limits of detection, to particular odors. Using machine learning and detection of pure odors, we can develop models to better detect lower concentrations.
Classification of odors
Categorization of odor samples into different annotated records in the database. For Aryballe’s solution, this is performed in the initial learning phase for any application where odor signatures are detected, annotated and added to the database for machine learning.
Clustering odor signatures
Relative and enhanced representation of several detected odors creates clear separation for odor measurements. Clustering happens independently from classification, but when the two combine, an unknown odor can be recognized based on the database.


Using AI to compensate for water and humidity

In many use cases, water is a major component of the odor sample due to water vapor in the environment. By using the software analytics component of digital olfaction, the solution takes into account the odor impact of water and isolates the “dry” odor from it. The figure to the right demonstrates how the scent of lemon would appear digitally—both in its raw diluted form in water and also with advanced humidity analysis (“Dried” Lemon Beverage).


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