The first line of universal odor detection devices.

NeOse Pro

Based on Aryballe’s unique digital olfaction platform, NeOse Pro detects and identifies odors with O-Cell technology to mimic the human sense of smell. Digitized odors are stored in a reference database, allowing subsequent matching of new odors. This compact device brings the value of objective odor data to the food and beverage and personal care industries, giving them access for the first time to digital olfactive fingerprints of their products.

NeOse Pro is a universal olfactory sensor able to detect, record and recognize odors, typically used in R&D, laboratory and quality control and assurance applications.


Versatile equipment for labs and factories
NeOse Pro monitors and records odors close to the odor source, with minimal sample preparation. The technology works by sampling the headspace developed over the desired sample, quickly capturing the odor signature in a few seconds.
Dedicated, intuitive software
Aryballe desktop application is used to easily control the device, visualize captured odor data and allows basic analysis of odor data.
A real-time analysis tool
A unique combination of biochemical sensors and optical detection allows NeOse Pro to detect odors in near real-time, reducing lengthy and costly classical QC tests. Biosensors react within seconds and odor desorption is extremely fast (ranging a few seconds to minutes depending on the odor).
A unique tool to compare odors
NeOse Pro provides comparative metrology that enables organizations to reach 100% olfactive controls. Aryballe’s proprietary combination of hardware and software make it possible to easily compare odors recorded during a measurement session. This can be used to compare products from different suppliers, evaluate batch-to-batch consistency, or identify olfactory QC defects or counterfeits.
Detection of over 500+ odors
With an expanding odor database consisting of thousands of discrete records, we are capable of detecting hundreds of different odors from most chemical families.


Our silicon photonics platform is ideal for high volume automotive and consumer appliances applications. Featuring similar sensitivity as the NeOse Pro, this sensor is smaller than a paperclip in size, more durable, and can be integrated more easily into existing smart sensor networks. Contact us today to learn more.


If you would like more information about our digital olfaction technology and how it can help your organization, please contact us.